” Mrs. Mash is on a mission to get the nation making soup,

peel away your inhibitions come and join her soupy troupe!”

This year I have launched a campaign to encourage and support as many people as possible to make and eat their own vegetable soup. Not just children and families. Anybody.

In March I was working with children at St Mary’s Leith Primary in Edinburgh helping them to explore different flavours and try new foods including some lovely Lentil  soup. In the year ahead I shall be popping up at markets, festivals and community events getting everyone in the mood for good food.

I would love to connect with soup eaters, lovers, providers and producers, cooks and soup dragons to share recipes, memories, stories and enthusiasm for soup!


I want to encourage Soup festivals, Pop up soup stalls, “Souper Tuesday” Soup sharing at work, Soup in the classroom, Soup ambassadors, Zero Waste soup. Soup for all!!

If you’d like to get involved you can sign up to my newsletter for “Souper Recipes and Resources”.  I’d also love to hear Your soup stories, ideas and suggestions.

If you would like me to come and bring some stories, songs and soup to your nursery, school or other setting just get in touch!

Keep stirring,

Love Mrs. Mash x