I’ve developed a range of resources to help you get children interested in good food and healthy habits. The list is constantly growing so check back frequently or better yet – join the mailing list to hear about more as they are added. Remember to check out the Shop as well, for resources to use with your child, nursery or primary school class.

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Food Lore CIC

In July 2017 Food Lore Community Interest Company was created. Now Mrs. Mash is part of a social enterprise with a mission to use stories and songs and food activities to help as many people as possible to enjoy good food and the benefits of eating well for health....


Recipe: Hairy Tatties

This is a version of a traditional recipe for fish and potatoes affectionately known as "hairy tatties" learned from my friend and colleague Jan Bee Brown. Ingredients: 6 medium sized potatoes 1 small tin of fish secret ingredient or two of your choice, eg boiled egg...

Story of the Tailor

Tailor Story  A traditional story Once there was a tailor who was asked to make a suit for a wealthy gentleman. When the suit was completed the gentleman was delighted with it and told the tailor he could keep the fabric that was left over. The tailor was chuffed to...


Fitness Fruit Salad

Fitness Fruit Salad

Fitness Fruit Salad From the new album, Smashing Songs - available now in the...

5 Fruit and Veg a Day

5 Fruit and Veg a Day

5 Fruit and Veg a Day 5 fruit and veg a day Live life the healthy way Eat well and feel ok Eat 5 fruit and veg a day From the new album, Smashing Songs - available now in the...

Christmas Podcast 2014

Christmas Podcast 2014

It's (almost) Christmas My first podcast includes a traditional Christmas story from Russia, called 'Babushka', which I learned from a storyteller called Chloe. I hope you enjoy it and that you will find peace and warmth round the fire around the shortest days of the...