Let me introduce myself.

My name is Marie Louise.

I’m a professional storyteller born and brought up in Edinburgh, where I still live.

My earliest experiences of storytelling were children’s stories and long-winded jokes told to me and my sisters by my parents, as well as humorous stories accompanied by singing at family parties in my Granny’s house. I soon learned to do a ‘party piece’ and have been carrying on in one way or another, ever since!

I am passionate about communicating the joys of great food and cooking and would love to do more to help our children create positive emotional connections to food that is enjoyable, nourishing and makes you feel good.

This is why I created Mrs Mash the Storytelling Cook. Mrs Mash employs stories, songs, interesting props and warm human interaction to get everyone in the mood for good food!!

I’m a member of the Scottish Network of Storytellers, with PVG clearance and professional insurance. I’m also trained in Elementary Food Hygiene and have a Royal Institute for Environmental Health Scotland qualification in Food and Health. My experience in performing, creating, collecting stories and writing songs; combined with my experience in social work, counselling and faith settings, enable me to work well with audiences of all kinds.

In schools

I can tailor sessions to address particular Curriculum For Excellence outcomes and experiences eg food and health, social wellbeing, and people, place and environment for different levels. I also offer hands-on baking sessions where I can involve children in making oatcakes, butter, drop scones or soup to bring Scottish history and culture to life. These sessions are ideal for Healthy Living Week, Burns’ Celebrations and St Andrew’s Day.

Perhaps you, your family, your school, organisation or business could benefit from the skills of a good storyteller? If so please contact me now to talk about your needs and how best I can help.

Marie Louise Cochrane, the storyteller singer behind Mrs Mash
“Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”
Hannah Arendt

Political theorist