People say so many lovely things about Mrs. Mash…

Here are just a few favourites… (Thanks chums!)

“We thought Mrs. Mash was very friendly and great fun. We loved trying to make butter, holding the turnip, hiding the knitted mice and joining in the songs. And she told really nice stories too.”

Lucy (aged 4) and Grandma

“Mrs. Mash is a fantastic one woman show that really engages children. She captures children’s attention within seconds  – no matter what their age – and takes them on a wonderful food-based adventure. We loved it.”


Pegs Bailey

Organiser Aberdour Festival

“Mrs. Mash was fantastic, funny and, dare I say it, educational!”

Mrs. Goodwin, Principal Teacher, St John Vianney's Primary Edinburgh

“We love the songs and the wonderful storytelling! The children can’t wait for the mice to come out of the trolley and to join in the singing every week. A really lovely, gentle start to our week which the kids (and I) love.”
Eva's Mum, Portobello

“Mrs. Mash is magical and mesmerizing. My daughter loves the songs and what will appear out of her trolley?”
Claire Yates, Murrayfield

“As nanny to 2 young children with a nearly 3 year age gap it’s tough to find things that both children would enjoy but Mrs. Mash fits that bill!! Every morning when I arrive I am asked, ‘Is it Mrs. Mash day today?’ Some songs have become firm favourites, I often hear ‘123, My Granny Caught A Flea’ sung at home.”
Kate McNeill

“Not just enjoyable but informative too, the children were laughing, singing and listening.”
Mrs. Baker, Teacher Muck Primary School

“An absolute winner. The performances were perfectly pitched and engaged the children from the word go. If you want to develop emotional literacy for preschoolers in an accessible and fun way, this is for you. Highly recommended.”
Alison Smith, Head Teacher, Stanwell Nursery Edinburgh