It’s not just for children…

Storytelling for adults and young adults

Storytelling can be a tonic for those in need of a break from the everyday. It can bring comfort and healing, reduce stress, boost confidence, increase social interaction, stimulate creativity or simply be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend an evening!

Some of my most rewarding experiences have been working with wary adults and suspicious teenagers as they come under the spell of stories which catch hold of their imagination.

Almost unwittingly they are transported to other times or places…

When the tale time ends they find themselves surprisingly relaxed and somehow deeply satisfied. Often adults wish to go on and share stories themselves.

These aspects of storytelling, in the hands of a skilled teller, create an environment of well being which is highly beneficial for many types of adult groups e.g. Women’s groups, Carers, Older people…

In the guise of my alter ego Marie Louise I regularly host storytelling and singing sessions for older people (including those with dementia). I find them to be a satisfying and rewarding experience for teller, listeners and carers alike.

I also host popular monthly Storytelling Suppers in Edinburgh for adults.

If these kind of storytelling sessions are of interest to you please do feel free to get in touch for a chat.